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About the Alliance for Toxic-Free Fire Safety

The Alliance for Toxic-Free Fire Safety is a diverse coalition of groups dedicated to improving public health and safety by advocating for non-toxic alternatives to hazardous and untested chemicals.

More and more people are concerned about hazardous flame retardants in everyday consumer products. Some flame retardants are considered carcinogenic and yet the public is widely exposed to them. Another flame retardant chemical, very similar to one removed from children’s pajamas, has resurfaced in other goods made for kids. What’s going on?

The Alliance for Toxic-Free Fire Safety supports the use of non-hazardous fire safety techniques.

Fire-safe cigarettes, more sprinklers and smoke detectors, along with the enforcement of improved building codes have all proven effective in reducing fire-related deaths. Hiring more fire fighters makes a difference, too!

Companies can improve product design to reduce and eliminate the need for chemical flame retardants. Such techniques might include using inherently flame-resistant materials or placing a physical barrier between the flammable component and outside materials.

Supporters of the Alliance for Toxic-Free Fire Safety believe we need new laws and practices at the state and federal level to ensure the safety of all chemicals.

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The Alliance for Toxic Free Fire Safety is a project of Coming Clean. Coming Clean is a collaborative of over 200 organizations and 350 individual experts working on many aspects of environmental health issues. For more information: www.comingcleaninc.org